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Music from 11/22/63


For those who have loved then doubted Stephen King’s talent for story telling this book might make you want to worship him again. Now I know I’m just starting to read it (currently in page 157) but no doubt about it, this book is a page-turner. I’m not here to talk about how awesome this book is so far, but I would like to share with you some songs mentioned in the book. I’m not from this era but I heard some of the songs from the radio before. For those who are much younger than me, these songs may be unfamiliar, but who cares? These are pretty good songs. Nothing like listening to the classics once in a while, yes?

Since I’m in the early stages of reading the book, there might be some mention of more songs as I move along. If I do find more, I’m going to write another post about it. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the music. You might want to take out your dancing shoes.

Let’s start of with “Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay” by Danny & The Juniors. I love how classy everyone looks in the video. And how the hell do they do those voice harmonies, or whatever you call them? I’d have to agree that rock and roll is here to stay though.

I love “Lucille” by Little Richard. You gotta love that voice and that eye-widening thingy Little Richard does. How does he even manage to smile while screaming Lucille? God!

Next is Ernie K-Doe’s “Mother-In-Law”. I have never, ever heard a song dedicated to or about a mother-in-law, unless you count Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. I’m saying that purely from the title and not the lyrics of the song.

As quoted from the book:

She thinks her advice is the constitution

But if she would leave that would be the solution

I don’t know about you, but this has got to be my favorite: Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”. Makes you want to grab your dancing shoes right? Damn, right!

“Sugartime” by The McGuire Sisters: This is new to me but it’s one of those songs that you’re glad you discovered while reading a book because it pretty much sums up your diet preferences: Sugar in the morning, Sugar in the evening, Sugar at suppertime.

“Bird Dog” by the Everly Brothers: This song was the #1 song in the Billboard Country Chart in 1958. I kinda like it.

He’s the teacher’s pet now (He’s a dog)

Okay, this next one, is great. “In The Mood” by Glen Miller. Makes you want to grab your dancing shoes and… well, dance! Sadly my nonexistent dancing abilities are on an all-time high so I’m just going to tap my fingers on a random wooden furniture.

Now that we’re in the topic of dancing, who better entrance or hypnotize us to dance than KC and the Sunshine Band. Here’s Boogie Shoes. From the video, everyone seems to be having so much fun and that is very good.


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5 thoughts on “Music from 11/22/63

  1. What a very cool take on this book. I’m loving all the cultural references, so thank you for this post!


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