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Bookish (And Not So Bookish Thoughts)


I was going through posts in my reader and I just happened to see Kristin’s (My Little Heart Melodies) post about Bookish (And Not So Bookish Thoughts). Like a curious cat, I went around clicking on her links, found out what it’s all about and voila! – moi was inspired to do a post. If you want to know more about Bookish (And Not So Booking Thoughts), please visit Christine (Bookishly Boisterous).

(1) First of, it has been a week since I started this book blog. I’ve never blogged about books before so I’m pretty sure I have a lot of learning to do. I am thoroughly enjoying it, but by doing so I have lessened my reading time (boo!) but I hope to balance things out soon.

(2) One of the book-related blogs I discovered lately is Book Riot. I especially loved this post about badass women who wrote memoirs. Don’t forget to check out Book Riot reader’s 24 favorite books of 2013. Have you read most of the books in the list? I also learned a thing or two about reading logs. I keep track of all the books I’ve read using Goodreads but since I’m going to join more challenges, I thought of keeping track using a spreadsheet.

(3) Speaking of challenges, I recently signed up for 2014 TBR Pile Challenge and made a personal challenge. I thought about joining only one challenge for next year but my reading mojo is in full blast so I plan to join more. I’ll be posting about them soon. Meanwhile, let’s hope my reading mojo will stick with me throughout 2014.

(4) I’ve been making good progress with 11/22/63. I am already halfway through the book and I must say it’s not a typical Stephen King novel, but it’s still very good. This is my first time to join a readalong and I can’t wait when we can finally discuss it.

(5) If there’s one video you need to watch this weekend, make it this one. It’s an absolutely brilliant animation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. The book has been in my TBR list for a very long time and I wonder why I haven’t picked it up. Bookish problems, I know.

(6) You’d think that since it’s the Christmas season and everyone is extra kind and extra happy, I’d be motivated to watch some movies meant to uplift and touch my heart, but nooooo. I decided to watch some scary movies like Insidious and The Conjuring this weekend. I’m weird like that. Surely these will uplift my heart in a whole different kind of way.

(7) Bookish gifts.

book lover gifts

I wish there was some way my friends or family would know that I’d really love gifts related to reading or books. I want to believe that Santa out there is listening, but after years of wishing and attempting telepathy so that he will know what I want for Christmas, I gave up.

Book lovers don’t necessarily like books as gifts (well, they do, but sometimes we all have to be creative and think outside the box). I mean, really, who can resist these Tentacle Pirate Ship Attack Bookends? Not me. I’d probably jump up and down when someone gives them to me. This Library Girl personalized stationery set makes me want to write to people every single day because it’s so damn cute. While you’re at it, check out The Fox and The Teacup at Etsy because there are so many beautiful things in that shop. Guaranteed. Also, check out this Silver Book Locket Necklace by The Enchanted Locket at Etsy. I usually do not wear any jewelry (except earrings) but if it looks like this, I just might give it a go.

If you know me, you’d know I’m a huge Stephen King fan. This flowchart/ poster will probably make any Stephen King fan very happy. And this too.

I also desperately want to have this mug. Because it has a strong message haha!

(8) What makes an awesome reading nook? Mine must consist of pillows. Lots of them. Check this one out. Don’t you just want to get your book and read there for hours? I know I do.

Well, that’s it. Enjoy the weekend :)


Author: 5eyedbookworm

Eclectic reader. Lover of beautiful book covers and stories of lasting interest.

4 thoughts on “Bookish (And Not So Bookish Thoughts)

  1. I admire your energy and enthusiasm for this book blogging addiction…it’s true that blogging takes time from reading. I used to be content with that, now in my seventh year, it seems I’m content to be lackadaisical about leaving comments. Balance would be the key if I could find it. Carry on with all your great plans. I know they will be rewarding.


    • Bellezza, thank you so much for your comment and good wishes. I’ve been reading your blog even before I started this blog. I was especially interested in the Japanese Literature Challenge when I discovered the works of a few Japanese authors last year. I discovered more authors because of the list you had there! I’m not sure if I can do this for seven years, like you. Hopefully I can ;)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Only a week? Your different variety of posts says otherwise. You are doing a fantastic job way better than me in the beginning :P
    Blogging does take out a lot of time for reading but it helps you discover more books along the way.
    Create a wish list on Amazon or hint before Christmas by showing people some great etsy finds.
    I would love the go away I’m reading mug! I’ve seen those types of lockets before but somewhere you can personalize the book cover and it’s all painted and wonderful :D


    • Thank you so much. You are very kind :)

      You’re right! After reading several blogs this book, I’ve listed so many books to be added to my TBR list! I never thought this would be dangerous for the wallet! Hahaha :)

      My favorite is the mug. I think it gives a very strong message to whoever will be approaching me ;) I have to check those lockets! :) Thanks!


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