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Reading Quote Sundays #3

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Every Sunday, I’ll be posting one quote about books or reading that I really like and share how this relates to me. If you would like to join me, please post a quote in your blog and share with us why you chose it or how it personally affects you. You can leave a link in the comment section below and I’ll update this blog post with your link.

Reading Quote Sundays #3 Five Eyed Bookworm

Reading Quote Sundays #3

I find reading a joy, no doubt about that. Every time I open a book, the wonder of the universe unfolds in such breathtaking speed that I count myself lucky that I am able to read and hold a book, when many are deprived of such. It is the thought of discovering new places, knowing new people and finding phrases that you find special that drives me to read more. By sitting in one place, I am propelled to another place, another dimension. It’s a great feeling and that is one thing that will never leave me – that feeling of appreciating a fictional world and characters through the words of an author.

Words are powerful and books are meant to get these words to us, hopefully ending up lodged in our brains until we can apply what we learn from them. I love it when I can relate to a character and when an author writes words that makes you want to agree with him or even make you wish that he/she is your friend because your thoughts are the same as his/her. I think it’s wonderful that books allow us this opportunity – to connect with someone because of similar ideas. I honestly think that people like books that can speak to them in volumes instead of books whose only mission is to entertain.

Do you agree with the quote above? Do you have a quote you want to share?

I hope everyone’s having a great Sunday. Christmas is near and I hope everyone is blessed with the company of loved ones and friends. Happy Holidays everyone!


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