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The End: 11/22/63 Readalong


One of the best books I read this year, hands down. Thank you to Kristin and Sarah for organizing this readalong.

The world Jake Epping went to was completely new to me. Stephen King mentioned various songs, food, books, etc., so I googled some of the things he mentioned. I want to talk about them but I don’t want to spoil everything for those who have not read the book.

11/22/63 by Stephen King

Here are five of my favorite quotes from the book.

Quotes 11/22/63 Novel by Stephen King

Jake Epping, the protagonist of 11/22/63, can dance. And I mean, he can really dance. So if you’re in the mood for some dancing lessons, here’s a video for basic Lindy Hopping ;)

You may also check out this post and another post about songs mentioned in the book.


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3 thoughts on “The End: 11/22/63 Readalong

  1. I’m so glad you joined us, and enjoyed the book! :)


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