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Tackling The Book Series


Here’s a confession: the only book series I ever completed was The Hunger Games. I almost completed The Diary of Wimpy Kid books too but somewhere in the way I became a wimp and never touched another book from the series. I also have a bad habit of watching movies inspired by a book series then forgetting reading the book all together. Case in point: The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. When I finished reading the first book (which I really, really, really loved) I found out that it was made into a movie starring Noomi Rapace and I got hooked. I finished the trilogy watching the last two titles, forgetting the books.

ALong with all the reading challenges I joined for next year, I also set a personal challenge to tackle a few book series. I’m not expecting to read all the books though. A book or two will suffice, I guess.

Book Series For 2014

Book Series For 2014

First up is the Maddaddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood. I’ve never read a book written by her so when Maddaddam was released this year, I was tempted to read it. Then I found out it was part of a trilogy. I know some readers go ahead and read the most recent ones but personally, I want to start in the beginning.

I haven’t tried reading a book about zombies but since I’m on a mission to try new genres/ topics, I’m going to start with Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Trilogy. I am not particularly fond of zombies. First, they scare me. They scared me when I played Resident Evil and Silent Hill when I was younger, and they still scare me now. Second, I usually don’t know what to expect from these books. Does it involve consumption of humans? Creepy vocals? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Guess I’ll just have to read this to find out.

Next up is Mira Grant’s Parasitology series, starting with the first book: Parasite. I’m on a science fiction roll here. Now, tapeworms do not fancy me in any way. (Zombies just now, and now tapeworms?) But this tapeworm seems harmless until we later find out in the synopsis that they have now become, surprise, surprise, “restless” (whatever that means). Restless is never good, right… Right?

One of my favorite books of all time is The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. I usually do not like movie adaptations but I found the movie to be excellent too. I plan to read “Red Dragon“, the first book in the Hannibal Lecter series.

To top it all off, I really want to read Koji Suzuki’s first book of The Ring Trilogy in 2014. This book inspired the creepy movie that raised hairs and voices during those late night horror movie marathons. They say it isn’t really creepy compared to the movie. Now I’ll be the judge of that. Then again, I become selectively wimpy at times so I hope I have the guts to finish reading it. Or maybe read in broad daylight. That always helps, right… Right?


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7 thoughts on “Tackling The Book Series

  1. WHAT. I’m shocked that you’ve only ever finished reading one book series! (Although I also have a bad habit of reading the first book of a series and not continuing…) I’m also looking forward to starting (and hopefully finishing!) the Maddaddam Trilogy this year; I’ve never read Margaret Atwood’s works either, so definitely excited to get started.

    I started the Newsflesh Trilogy last year, and I’m liking it so far. Zombies also scare me, and this series scares me, but in the thrilling kind of way. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. :) And Parasite is another book on my to-read list, but I’m spacing out my scary books so that I don’t get nightmares haha.

    And I can’t comment on the other two series on your list because they seem scary and I physically flinch just from reading “late night horror movie marathons” and “Hannibal Lecter”, but uh, I’ll wait until you read them to see if they’re really really scary or not…


    • I know! I’m so guilty haha :) I’m going to try finishing the Maddaddam Trilogy this year… Then again other books might get in the way (again!). I’ve included “The Handmaid’s Tale” in my TBR Pile List Challenge so I hope to really read it this year.

      I’m intrigued with the Newsflesh Trilogy. I hope I won’t go pale :) Those two other books, well, let’s just wait and see. I’ll let you know ;)


      • The Handmaid’s Tale is also on my list! During high school I had to choose between reading Brave New World or The Handmaid’s Tale, and I chose the former over the latter haha.

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        • How was Brave New World, Sophie? I am thinking of doing a perpetual reading challenge to read the classics but I don’t really like to commit to another challenge so I’m going to try reading one classic per year. Honestly, I’m really excited to read The Handmaid’s Tale :)


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