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Top 12 Books of 2013


Without further ado and with no order of preference, here are my top 12 books of 2013:

Top 12 Books of 2013

The Five-Eyed Bookworm’s Top 12 Books of 2013


Author: 5eyedbookworm

Eclectic reader. Lover of beautiful book covers and stories of lasting interest.

9 thoughts on “Top 12 Books of 2013

  1. The graphics on your blog are always so lovely. I need a lesson!


    • Tanya, thank you for your kind words! :) I’m still learning and when I fancy making some things, I go right ahead and experiment. I have no formal training so everything’s just trying this or that :)


  2. Love the color coordination you got going on here! :D The Humans is also one of my top books of 2013, and I really want to read The Rosie Project.


  3. What is The Rosie Project? I’ve heard of it before but never found it interesting to try looking up…
    LOVE The Book Thief! It’ll be hard to re-read because a certain moment will always be fresh in my mind.
    Hope you get to read more wonderful books!


    • Thank you! I love The Book Thief (I’m posting my review soon) :)
      The Rosie Project really made me laugh. It’s written by Graeme Simsion and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I heard it’s going to be made into a movie soon.
      I hope you get to read more books this year too :) Thanks for dropping by!


  4. The Humans was one of my favorite books of the year, too. I loved 11/22/63 and have been wanting to get to A Tale for the Time Being the more I see it popping up on these end of the year lists!

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