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Top Ten Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me


Top Ten Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of confessions lately in this blog, so I’m considering this the mother of all confessions.

I keep asking myself why I haven’t read the books I added to this list. These are books I will definitely read and no genre preference is standing in the way. So why then? Is it because I’m lazy, easily distracted with other books or is it because of my shifting moods? Either way I haven’t read these books even if almost everyone is raving about them. When I say raving, I mean really raving. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot by not having read these books yet.

I’ve seen mixed reviews of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in book blogs and that’s probably one of the reasons that’s stopping me (temporarily). I am a huge fan of the mystery/thriller genre so I should have read this a long time ago.

Who doesn’t know the Twilight series? I’ve watched some of the movies but I have not read any single Twilight book. My sister loves this series so much she actually has multiple copies, different editions and all in hardback! She keeps pestering convincing me to read it, but I’m quite fine with the movies so I don’t know if I still should. Should I?

Life After Life… One of the best books for 2013. This is one book I’m really looking forward to read this year. The synopsis sounds intriguing. And even though not everyone is raving about it, I shall give it a try.

I’ve seen Me Before You in a lot of favorite lists for 2013. Many mentioned how this book made them cry and why they loved it. I’m not sure if I’ll echo their sentiments but there’s no harm trying. Although I’m really expecting it to knock my socks off.

I’ve had Eleanor and Park since last year! Why have I not read it yet? I guess I suffer from a terrible case of new-book-distraction syndrome.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern has a beautiful cover. Frequent visitors to this blog know how I love judging a book by its cover (although sometimes with dire consequences) and this was what caught my eye when I saw the book in a local bookstore. Everyone seems to love it. I’m still debating with myself if I should give in to the hype or not.

I’m actually quite ashamed to admit I haven’t read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. My only excuse is I really want to read it with my own copy of this edition because, well, it’s beautiful.

Perhaps what’s stopping me from reading The Goldfinch is the fact that I want to read Donna Tartt’s earlier books like The Little Friend or The Secret History first. I usually do not have problems with heavy tomes but I can be selective because I do not want to invest my time and then feel disappointed later.

I’m quite impressed with the trailer for Veronica Roth’s Divergent. In my shelf, the book is collecting dust. It’s been compared to The Hunger Games (the only book series I’ve finished in my whole life-yikes!) so I’m looking forward to reading Divergent before I watch the movie.

I’m ashamed… so very ashamed that I have not read any Harry Potter books. And here’s another confession: I only watched the whole The Sorcerer’s Stone movie this year. See how distracted I am?

Here’s hoping I can finally get to some of these books this year.

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me

  1. Goldfinch and Me Before You are both on my TBR lists–I’ve never read anything by Jojo Moyes before, but I’ve read both of Tartt’s books and liked both of them a lot, especially Secret History. I loved Gone Girl, and Eleanor & Park was one of the best books I read last year–it got me back to reading YA again after many years away from it.


    • I’m really looking forward to read the earlier books from Donna Tartt, instead of The Goldfinch. I have this weird feeling that if I don’t, I will be disappointed with The Goldfinch and that makes me pretty, well, disappointed and sad. Definitely going to read Gone Girl and Eleanor & Park. Wish I had more time in my hands ;)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You should definitely pick up Gone Girl. It has its flaws but it’s interesting for sure. Harry Potter is a big ask with so many books, and you can just forget about Twilight and its sequels (they are just awful).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nish, if you tell me I should, I will definitely read it ;) Are you looking forward to watch the movie? I remember you posted about a magazine cover and thought it interesting.
      Annnnnddd, if you tell me to forget about Twilight then I will haha :) I wonder why it’s so popular. Even some of cousins went gaga over it. Maybe it’s the vampires and werewolves?


  3. Last year at this time i didn’t even know who Rainbow Rowell was and now it seems like everybody is reading her and loving her. I really have to pick up something of her’s and i think either Fangirl or Eleanor and Park will do.


    • I got curious once and I searched for the Rainbow Rowell tag in tumblr and I was surprised how almost everyone likes her, and Eleanor and Park! I think I’ll give Eleanor and Park a go this March.


  4. There are always books that I feel everyone is reading, but some I care more about than others! I would say Harry Potter is essential reading — and read the books instead of watching the movies! (You can watch the movies afterward, but please don’t ruin your reading experience by watching first!!). I thought Gone Girl was terrific and would definitely recommend it, if you don’t mind dark, twisted minds! I bought myself copies of Me Before You, Life After Life, Divergent, and The Goldfinch, although in reality, I don’t think I care enough to read the last two. :) Eleanor & Park definitely deserves all the hype it’s gotten! And well, Pride & Prejudice? Lovely, but if you want to break from the crowd, you could read some other Jane Austen instead! Great topic, great list!


    • Oh, I don’t mind dark, twisted minds so I’ll definitely have to give Gone Girl a go in the reading department ;) Always been a fan of mystery and thrillers so I guess this one will be right up my alley. And Harry Potter too! I feel so guilty not having read it yet. I was about to borrow the second installment of the movie adaptations but (glad you stopped me haha) I will read the first book first. I hope to read Eleanor and Park soon – this March, I hope! I better check out other books from Jane Austen too. Thank you for your input, always loved book recommendations!


  5. I agree with Nish about the Twilight books — don’t bother! I read the first one and found myself reading passages aloud to my daughter so we could both have a good laugh. Very poorly written. But then I stopped laughing because I found the book offensive and misogynistic.


  6. I L-O-V-E-D Gone Girl! Since you say you like thrillers/mysteries, you should really like this book. I understand why you haven’t read the Twilight series. It sucks! The lead character…what’s her face? I don’t even know…allows the vampire dude to control her moods. So if he doesn’t show up to school she’s depressed, but if he’s there, she’s annoyed by the fact that he looks at her. I couldn’t do it. My sister has been trying to get me to like that book as well since she’s obsessed. I say, don’t waste your time.


    • I’m pretty excited to read Gone Girl. Maybe this month? Yes, I’m a fan of that genre and although I tend to read almost anything, it’s a favorite! ;) I guess I’m going to skip Twilight then ;) I better get to the other books I mentioned. As of today, no one has mentioned that I should read the books.

      Thanks for the visit and your comment! :)


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