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Reading Quote Sundays #10

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Rading Quote Sundays #10

I usually get recommendations from various people and also book websites but since I started blogging last year I started discovering books from other book bloggers. I love reading book lists or recommendations from other people. Although there’s nothing wrong with computerized (or automatic) book recommendations, nothing can equal recommendations made by real people. What makes this so delightful is that when I finish reading a book, there seems to be no ‘resting period’. What I mean is, every time I tell myself I should take a break from reading, there’s always a book that will interest me immediately. I think it’s wonderful that we live in a world where we can read as much books as we like and we are not hindered by anything to enjoy books.


Author: 5eyedbookworm

Eclectic reader. Lover of beautiful book covers and stories of lasting interest.

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